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LUMINA Learnathons

Co-learning Spaces to prepare a community of

Future Leaders with the Mindset, Skills, and Judgment

for tackling Global Challenges.

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During the Camp...



  1. Gain access to a wealth of global knowledge, interactive resources, and important international debates.

  2. Learn how to dissect narratives, notice core elements of persuasion that shape our beliefs and choices, and practice information hygiene.

  3. Experience a journey of self-discovery, awareness, and growth using a combination of tools from mindfulness practices and applied rationality.

  4. Create a career strategy to find impactful global opportunities aligned with their core values and personal fit.


  1. Provide an authentic co-learning space, an excellent curation of resources, guided reflection exercises and moderated discussions that foster critical thinking, articulation, and productive disagreements. 

  2. Employ a range of engaging resources such as documentaries, expert interviews and debates, podcasts, close-readings, interactive media, etc, to deepen our participants' knowledge, and challenge their perspectives. 

  3. Bring in our Knowledge of Challenges faced by youth in India, Experience of systems for self-management, Frameworks for research and effective judgment, and our International Network of academics, organisational heads and philanthropists.

  4. Create a co-learning network for alumni from our programs for sustained engagement and growth.


Upcoming Camp(s)!

27th-29th October 2023

Location: Jaipur 


Join our Meetup Group 'Future Forward Program' to receive updates about our online events!

Past Programs...

Future Forward Program 

A week-long residential program catered to students and young entrepreneurs, helping them identify barriers to growth, delve deep into self-awareness, and find their unique voice, enabling them to take on ambitious paths. During the program, participants learn about strategies for independent research, decision-making, and building networks for impactful career opportunities. 

Dates: 14th-20th July 2023

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan 


A glimpse in 3 simple steps

Attend a short call with our team


Join us for the camp!


"The most important moments of your life are decided not by what you know, but by how you think

What do you do when you confront a problem you've never seen before?

Do you say, I'm not trained for this, and walk away?

You say, wow, that's a problem I've never seen before.

Let me try to solve it."

Neil deGrasse Tyson

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